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initially created to meet the needs of the Asti wine-makers, today we export our filling machines to all continents

there are born leaders, but you become Cime Careddu

When mentioning Italy and the province of Asti, throughout the world, one immediately thinks of wine and wine-making.

And it is here, amongst the Asti hills and vineyards that I decided to launch my business, a small company.

A company ready to meet the needs of the small-medium wine-makers in this area with machinery and advanced technologies available to everyone.

Thanks to the initial and immediate successes I began to invest in improvements and soon I reached excellent results in bottling wines, sparkling wines, spirits, water, beer, soft drinks, etc., thus gaining the confidence of major manufacturers as well.

Ever more satisfied customers, an increasingly demanding market  and, why not, the spirit of competition led me to make the Cime Careddu company name known abroad.

Cime Careddu systems are now installed in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Oceania





We’re now getting considerable satisfaction from Eastern Europe where our machinery is no longer being used only to bottle vodka…

…but also for fine wines, sparkling wines, beer and soft drinks.

A technologically advanced range of filling machines that can use bottles of any shape and any material are our best business card.

Mono-block, tri-block, quad-block and uni-block filling machines easy to be used and technologically perfect, designed by our technical staff to meet any market need.

The founder ~ Gino Careddu

Investing in the CIME CAREDDU company means investing in the future

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