this filling machine, built specifically for cylindrical aluminum cans, allows you to fill any type of liquid products, both carbonated and without CO2.

The DIAMOND monoblock was designed and built specifically for cylindric aluminum cans.

This monoblock allows you to fill and crimp all types of liquid products, both carbonated or without CO2.

The DIAMOND filling machine was designed and built specifically for cylindric aluminum cans.

All details of the filling valve weres designed and developed to allow optimum filling quality, hygienic safety and ease when assembling and disassembling. The filling machine height is adjustable thus enabling the handling of various types of cans.

All the parts in contact with the product are made of AISI 304 stainless steel (AISI 316 upon request) and the plastic material that could come into contact with the product is food compliant. The cans are placed on holding cups in line with the filling valves via a screw and a star at the entrance of the filling machine.

Diamond Bottling Machine for Cans
Diamond Bottling Machine

Operation details

The pneumatic operation, upon recovery of the compressed air which is previously filtered and lubricated, allows for a smooth movement so as to avoid any shock which could damage the opening of the can. Once the can has been filled and gases removed it is placed in the output star conveyor of the filling machine and then placed on the conveyor belt and moved to the seamer.

The transfer of the cans is carried out softly so as to avoid any sudden movements that could spill the product.

The seamer comes with a flipping unit, which distributes the lids and works automatically with the can and seaming device via an electrical pulse. The seamer is of a rotating can type. The motor movement is controlled by a single motor and is completely synchronized with the filler.

Internally, all the parts that make up the motor movement are oil-bathed. The transmission is carried out using sprockets made of steel or thermoplastic resin (polyamide) and mounted so that there is no contact between the steel ones, in order to reduce the noise level as much as possible.

The Models

Bottling Machine - Valves for can filling
Valves for can filling
Detail XXXXX
Detail XXXX


The safety guards are made of an AISI 304 stainless steel frame and transparent material panels allowing the constant visual control by the operator assigned to the machine, while the doors are protected electrically by safety devices.

The electrical panel hosts the inverter for the variation of the machine speed variation via a potentiometer.

Control Panel

The display shows all the bottling information and the machine’s possible alarms.

The PLC allows programming all the necessary functions for the machinery’s correct operation.

Thanks to the medium-low production, this compact and technologically advanced machine satisfies all medium-small producers by offering them the performance of large machines but at a reasonable price and size.

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