built to work with flat liquids

Silver can bottle both light liquids such as water or more dense liquids like oils

Technical Details

The SILVER machine was specifically designed and built for easy operation and cleaning,  rapid replacement of accessories, and simple maintenance.

This machine is made up of a base consisting of a tubular AISI 304 stainless steel frame and steel plates. Once assembled, the upper plate is processed and painted and the base is completely covered with panels made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

The adjustable feet for the regulation  in height and the leveling of the  machine are located in the lower part of the base.

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The Models

The four sides of the base are closed by mechanically locked safety panels made of AISI 304 stainless steel. However, they can be easily removed by authorized personnel for any internal maintenance needed on the drive and the transmission units, the clutch star unit with devices for automatic stopping in case of anomalies and the carousel for the rotation of the upper part of the bottle-lifting cylinders.

The base also hosts the motorized units internally for  the height adjustment of the filling machine and any turrets required for the machine operation (such as rinsing unit, deaerator,  distributor, capping unit, inspection unit, wire-hooding, etc…). The adjustments of the machine can be performed either manually or electronically depending on the type of machinery.

The transmission is obtained through gear wheels made of steel or thermoplastic resin (polyamide) and mounted so that there is no contact between the steel ones, in order to reduce the noise level as much as possible.



Safety guards

The safety guards are made of an AISI 304 stainless steel frame and panels of transparent material that permit the constant visual control by the operator assigned to the machine.

The sides consist of mechanically fixed panels, while the front and the rear are (electrically protected) doors  allowing the access of skilled personnel for maintenance, only with the machine at a standstill and the safety devices inserted.

Micro-switches are installed on the rinsing machine’s central carousel, the cochleas and on the stars. Their function is to stop the machine instantaneously should the bottles be positioned horizontally, incorrectly or in a format other than that for which the machine is equipped.

Control Panel

An electrical control panel with PLC, inverter, display unit and low voltage controls, built according to VDE standards, forms part of the protective structure.

The electrical panel hosts the inverter activated by a potentiometer allowing the variation of the machine speed.

The alphanumeric display (Touch Screen graphic terminal upon request) shows all the bottling information and the machinery’s possible alarms of the machine (open guards, insufficient bottle inflow, excessive bottle outflow…).

The PLC allows programming all the necessary functions for proper operation processes of the machine. The electrical system and the control panel are fully CE compliant.

Filling Machine

The SILVER series filling unit is composed of an annular tank for fillers with 44 valves and a full tank for fillers between 8 and 40 valves (annular tanks are provided for 12 to 40 valves upon request).

Automatic feeding devices for the product are also installed (analog signals provided as well, upon request) along with the regulators needed to optimize the production flow. The filling valves are mounted on the lower part of the tank along with the mechanism for positioning and centering the containers.

The machine was specifically designed and built for easy operation and cleaning,  rapid replacement of accessories, and simple maintenance. All parts in contact with the product being bottled are made of AISI 304 stainless steel (AISI 316 upon request) and can be washed with hot water and chemical products or via steam sterilization.


The Rotating Table, completely in AISI 304 stainless steel and is mounted on two centering bearings and ball thrust bearings or on a thrust block and centering bearing for small-to-medium size machines and on a thrust block and support for large machines, forms the support for the bottle-lifting cylinders and the ring (air chamber) air to the cylinders.

The bottles (via screws, stars, conveyors and conveyor belts) are placed on the lifting cylinders by a compressed air pneumatic-mechanical system that filters and lubricates. This system enables the bottles to be lifted up softly to the filling valves so as to ensure that they are correctly centered without being damaged.

A cam that assures  a perfect outflow of the filled bottle from the filling machine is used for the cylinder descent. This mechanical movement recuperates the air in the descending cylinder descendants and sends it to the cylinders during the lifting phase, thus minimizing the air consumption .

The tank is connected to the lower carousel via the lifting device (it comes standard and is electrically activated for machines with 20 valves and more and optional for filling machines with 8 to 16 valves), which allows height adjustment depending on the size of the bottles to be filled.

SILVER series Valves

The SILVER series machinery is designed for bottling flat liquid products, without CO2.

This range of machinery is ideal for bottling extremely liquid products like water and more dense products like oils.

Further to the above-mentioned products, this series of machinery is ideal for bottling fruit juices (hot and cold) and still wines (hot and cold filling).


The SILVER series product tank/basin is made up of an annular tank for filling machines with 44 valves and more and a full tank for filling machines with 8 to 40 valves (an annular tank is available upon request for 12 to 40-valve filling machines).

The interior surface of the container is completely mirror polished to enable easy and safe sterilization. It is completely made of AISI 304 stainless steel (AISI 316 upon request).

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